Friday 26th May

’’Art Connected’’ paintings exhibition. Dublin

Friday 26 May  |  –

1 Frenchman's Lane, Mountjoy, Dublin, Irlandia

’’Art Connected’’ is an intimate exhibition of paintings within the framework of the Polska Eire Festival. It CONNECTS the two artists, Julie Potter (Ireland) and Paweł Jasiński (Poland), both living and working in Ireland. Their works have been exhibited at individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

This exhibition will be open from 26 May to 26 June 2017 at the charming Art. Café Dublin.

Art Café Dublin is a vibrant place in the heart of Dublin. Apart from serving great food, cakes and coffee, the café also promotes art from both the visual and musical scene, and takes particular interest in supporting local artists, their creativity and their projects.

The Art Café goal is to introduce tasteful art and music into your daily life.

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