Monday 29th May

Dwujęzyczność – Bilingualism. A Question&Answer Session by Mother Tongues. Dublin

Monday 29 May  |  18:00 – 19:30

Pearse Street Library, Dublin 2

What is bilingualism? What are the benefits of bilingualism? How does bilingualism affect family life? Should bilinguals have equal knowledge of both languages? Does multilingualism cause a delay in language development of children? Does speaking a minority language at home affect the acquisition of the majority language?


A Q&A session by Mother Tongues is an event dedicated especially to parents and teachers of bilingual children. During the session we will answer your questions and discuss most common challenges associated to bilingualism. We will provide you with knowledge based on the latest research and offer you practical advice on living with two languages.


This event will be held in Polish and English.


Entry: Admission free

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