Friday 26th May

MIKOLAJANDRZEJ KALINA -Unique Graphics – gypsography. Gorey

Friday 26 May  |  –

Gorey Library, Gorey Civic Square, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford

MIKOLAJANDRZEJ KALINA -“Recently Painted – Who Are We”. Unique Graphics – gypsography.

Our new exhibition “Recently Painted – Who Are We” taking place in Gorey, Ireland will be our sixth consecutive family exhibition.

The sixth one – does not mean the same one, since we always strive to avoid stereotypes while creating our exhibitions. In fact, the gallery’s space dictates us how our artworks will be presented and hence it influences the final shape of our display.

Since the very beginnings of the humanity and cave drawings, people tried to leave their mark of themselves and of the times in which they lived.

It is not a coincidence, that we are interested in people, their existence, and surrounding world. It all comes from our family traditions, our family conversations, and overall curiosity of meeting new people.

We as creators, conscious of traditions and courage of our ancestors, can’t and won’t be indifferent to people, their desires, sensitivity, and identity.

We ourselves, often have doubts in our daily life and creative work, and often ask questions like “Who are we, and who we want to become?” and those doubts makes us more sensitive people.

Free event

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