Friday 02nd June

Music Night in The Local. Ennis

Friday 02 June  |  18:00 – 00:00

Music Night in The Local, is a part of the Polska Eire Festival and great opportunity to invite local community and also our artists from Limerick and Ennis. The goal of the event is the integration multicultural, show the different types of music. Music Night is 6 hours of great music.  

The Programme:

18:00 Dj B.O.G i dj Tobi from Boombox (djs from Limerick)

18:30 Paddy Mulcahy (local artist)

19:00 Limerockers Cru (b-boys from Limerick)

19:30 In Cognito (guitarist from Ennis – rock music) 

20:00 NDS Kocur (hip hop from Ennis)

20:30 Theresy (group from Limerick)

21:00 Rapodziad Squad (hip hop from Limerick)

21:30 Charlie La Gore (hip hop from Limerick)

22:00 Imigranci (rock group from Ennis) 

22:30 – 0:00 Dj B.O.G i dj Tobi z Boombox

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